» » Сочинение по английскому "A Visit to a Sick Friend"

Сочинение по английскому "A Visit to a Sick Friend"

     Nobody wants to fall ill. It is a common knowledge that most people are taken ill when the outside temperature goes down rapidly and the windy and cold season starts.

     If your friend is ill, he needs to call for a doctor and stay at home. In case of a serious disease your friend will be taken to a hospital. But if it is flu or cold, he will be prescribed a rest cure at home. In any case you should visit your friend because any sick person is depressed and needs friends’ attention. While being ill any person feels lonely and unhappy. As is generally known recovery depends on the inner spirits of a sick person. If friends do not visit him, the recovery will be slow because of the close people’s neglect.

     If your friend has caught flu, you may get the infection from him while visiting. It is better to come to see him when he is improving. That is when your friend has no high temperature but is still staying at home. By this time the ill person needs meeting people for a conversation and is eager to hear the news. Before coming you should give a telephone call and ask about the convenient time. Don’t call late in the evening or early in the morning as the ill person needs a rest and you may wake him up. If your friend is not allowed to have visitors for some reasons, ask about his health level with tact and wish full and speedy recovery.

     Visiting a friend has a certain technique. First of all don’t forget to bring some fruits for your friend as his immunity is weakened by the illness. Also you may bring a small present a sort of an interesting magazine or a disk. Each of us likes receiving gifts especially when we are ill.

     Before and after visit thoroughly wash your hands. Be cheerful and try to raise your friend’s spirits. Choose the topic for conversation that will not upset the ill person. Bring some activity with you. Propose to play board games or listen to the radio or watch a new movie. Do not stay for a long visit. It is better to come briefly and several times as the ill person tires very quickly.

     Do something for your ill friend as if you do nothing for such person, it will be the worst thing.

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