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     There are many careers in this world nowadays. Yes, of course, many of them are very important. We could not live as we are used to live without labors, teachers, engineers, drivers, doctors, pilots and so on. Each of them seems so different. I thought many times what job is suitable for me. Eventually I have decided to be a teacher.

     In my opinion it is a very difficult career. One has to be extremely responsible for teaching students. One must not make any mistakes during a whole lecture; otherwise that may lead to serious consequences in the future of students. Indeed, teachers surely make us know about science and math. They teach us to paint and understand music. We know biology, geography, languages, and history from teachers. They explain us almost everything what happens in the world. And I would like to be a teacher too because I am not afraid of challenges.

     I know I have to work hardly before I can become a teacher. First of all I will need relevant education. That’s why I look forward to going to study to a University. I can get proper education there with the due diploma and degree. Nowadays if you want to have a good career you have to have a good diploma first. Even if a student did not study well and possibly he did not know about his future job much, anyway he will have more chances to make a better career than his competitor without any diploma.

     I hope I will be a capable teacher. My students will enjoy my classes. I will try my best to make good persons from them. If I have a good reputation I will be able to make much money. Big companies will invite me to work for them. I will improve myself every time. Maybe one day I can win the Nobel Prize. It would be pretty nice, because the whole world will has known my name. I will be famous and rich.

     I am convinced that teachers are our second parents. That is why it is very important to be good at this career.

     Yes, I am sure the career of a teacher is definitely suitable to me.

Автор сочинения: Азнабаева Гульназ

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