» » Сочинение по английскому "My Weekend"

Сочинение по английскому "My Weekend"

     I like weekends a lot. I do not have to be in rush anywhere during this time. Usually on weekends I wake up later than on weekdays because I don’t need to get ready for school. One can find many interesting amusement TV shows on Sunday, so if you have no mood you can spend all day long home. Though, I prefer activity to passivity.

     After breakfast I have to wash my dishes because I cannot say that I am in rush to school. But it does not bother me much because laziness is not my nature. Then I have to do my homework unfortunately. To be honest, I do not like it. Sometimes that takes a lot of time and I do not have time to go anywhere, but usually it does not. After all my homework is done I can do whatever I want.

     First of all I call or text my friends and ask them what they are doing. Then we decide to meet somewhere and find some attractions. We like to go to a cinema to watch some movies. I like action movies but my friends prefer comedy. Sometimes we argue what genre to choose. But if I go with my girl friends we always choose any romantic movies. My girl friends are so sentimental. After a cinema we go to a coffee shop to have some ice-cream. I do like ice-cream very much, so do all my friends.

     Sometimes I go to countryside with my parents on weekend. I like nature. We often cook barbeque and swim in the river. We play badminton and take sunbaths if it is good weather. Unfortunately in winter time we do not go there. There is a lot of snow there and our car might get stuck. Instead of countryside in winter time we go to an ice-skate area. I like ice-skating very much.

     Sometimes on weekends I go swimming to the swimming pool that locates near my home. I am sure; it is very good for my health. Also my friends and I like to play football. We have our own team.

     I do not know yet how I will spend my next weekend. It will depend on my homework. Nevertheless, I hope I will go enjoy outdoor activities.

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