» » Сочинение по английскому "About Myself"

Сочинение по английскому "About Myself"

    I wish to begin with introducing myself. Kate is my name and my surname is Bulatova. I’m fifteen. I have roots from Novosibirsk, but our family moved here 2 years ago. Now we are Moscow citizens. All for the best as you know. I admire this majestic city and its great power.

    Possession of many children is the prerogative of my parents. Nick is 25. He is my elder brother. He works as a family therapist after graduating from the University. My sister is a pretty girl. Rita is our favorite though she is a foster child. All of us take care of her. Rita is only two.

    I often put my best foot forward to help my mother with Rita. I realize that bearing the brunt of housekeeping including cooking, cleaning and upbringing is difficult.

    My desire to help Mom doesn’t prevent me from getting knowledge. I’m at 10th grade. The school is a walking distance from my house. I am doing quite well at school because I’m neat and self-disciplined. My marks are worth of proud. The Arts are preferable for me because exact sciences are not my cup of tea. I am well-read in History and enlightened in Literature. My teachers say that I have a clear head. I am bilingual because my grandparents from Dad’s side are from the USA and I have a good command of English.

<p    My friends consider me amiable and open. They also appreciate me for my readiness to help them out at any time of the day.

    I am very interested in swimming and attend my sport section 3 days a week. It can be compared with eating and sleeping. It’s necessary for me as air and water. I think this hobby will accompany me in my future life. As for my profession, my dream is to become an interpreter because I like English and communication with people.

    It has gone clean out of my head to describe my lovely kitty Marta. It’s hairless. Nick is sure it’s ugly but I leave it out of count as it’s my best tailed friend. In the morning we get up together, I feed Marta and have my breakfast. Then I go to the entrance and the kitty sees me to the door. How can I dislike my cat?

    I’m a happy teen who doesn’t know about generational gap and lives a full life.

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