Сочинение по английскому «Homeless animals»

    We are constantly in a hurry: some people rush to work, others are occupied with their household, make purchases and go for a walk with their children. These everyday activities make us unobservant and incogitant. Here today, gone tomorrow.

    In a rush, people don’t pay attention to increasing number of homeless animals on the streets. Cats and dogs without owners have nowhere to go, no places to shelter from cold or heat thus ends up looking for shelters in basements and entrances of our houses. They have to find food in dumpsters, on children’s playgrounds.

    The risk of being attacked and bitten is really high. It makes some people think that collecting and putting such animals to sleep would be the best solution. They believe homeless creatures’ killing would prevent our society from unpredictable beasts’ aggression.

    As for me, I am completely sure it’s people’s fault that homeless dogs attack them and bite. Adults don’t stop jogging or cycling when approaching a dog, children pick at animals and tease them. Some dogs can be scared to death, others are likely to bite and harm. It happens at every turn. We are provocateurs ourselves.

    The existence of the danger to be bitten can’t be argued but human beings are endowed with reason so the problem of finding human solutions is on their conscience. Having a big heart is our strength and virtue. Being as hard as stone is our weakness.

    People must start with themselves. If you have a pet you should never make it homeless. Don’t give it up. We are responsible for those who tamed. If your child is an animal lover and picks up a homeless one, don’t be heartless and take care of this creature. It will help to develop your child in a positive way.

    It goes without saying that our government should prime the pump to help volunteer organizations in solving this problem of homeless animals.

Автор сочинения: Вильданов Марат

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