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    The problem of smoking is one of the most topical and major problems in the world. It is the reason of many illnesses and untimely death. Annually more than 3 million people die by reason of smoking.

    Children are the main victims of this pernicious habit. While you are young, you do not think of the possible consequences from smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages. The main issue for you is to be like others. If your friends smoke, you are trying to be like them and start smoking too. It happens because children and teenagers are easily guided and it is very difficult for them to be a contrarian in their small societies due to the psychological problems of the personality of the transitional age. All the more early age smoking may be the cause of great number of illnesses in particular sterility, lung cancer and others.

    Teenagers must be aware that smoking greatly influences memory and vision. Muscle strength decreases. The smoking teenager usually gets tired more quickly than the ordinary person. If the teenager-mom has been smoking, her child may not see green, red and blue colors. Nicotine increases the intraocular pressure causing glaucoma later. Teenager smoking activates the thyroid gland activity causing the elevation of the pulse, body temperature increase, irritability and sleep disturbance. It is proved that smoking keeps down the growth of the body.

    Parents should talk to their children explaining the causes of smoking. Actually if the parents do not smoke, the child will be showing less interest to this pernicious habit than the ones having smoking parents. Teenager smoking is the symptom of some troubles in the process of his or her self-determination. That is why mother or father need to have the trust relationship with their children to be able to help in case of some problem appearing. Psychologists believe that the children of transitional age having respect and trust to their parents are less submitted to the influence of negative example of their friends.

    I agree with the English proverb “Good health is above wealth” Do not smoke! Think of your own future beforehand.

Автор сочинения: Косых М.С.

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