» » Сочинение по английскому «The problems of teenagers»

Сочинение по английскому «The problems of teenagers»

    Teenagers are children whose age falls from thirteen through nineteen. This is the period when children become adults. Obviously, that is one of the most amazing but difficult and dangerous periods of life. The whole body of a teenager changes and his behavior changes as well. Sure, it might lead to some problems.

    The first problem is relationships with family. Children want independence; they do not want to be children anymore. It is important to give a teenager his own room where he will do what he wants and feel free. It will make him less irritable. Of course it does not mean parents should stop concerning children, on the contrary, teenagers need more attention than anybody else.

    During this time people try something new. And sometimes new things might be very dangerous. It might be alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs. Parents should protect their children from these terrible things. Of course nobody can separate teenagers from the streets and their influence; but parents have to teach children how to survive in this dangerous world and how not to become a bad person.

    Sometimes teenagers might lie. Yes, this is very common problem. It must not be a bad habit. Maybe it is not a big deal when a teenager says not true things to his friends sometimes, but when he says it to teachers or parents it is a very serious problem. Definitely teenager must understand the responsibility for what he does. If he does not learn how to be a responsible person today, he will have more serious problems in the future.

    Very often teenagers fall in love. Nobody can say it is bad. But it might lead to the serious consequences such as early pregnancy. Children have to understand that they have a long life and the first love is not the last love. Everything might change even tomorrow.

    Anyway, being a teenager is very nice. Just they should not be afraid of challenges that the new life brings almost every day.

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